The best ally for kitchen professionals

We present our range of deep-frozen food for the hotel and catering industries IBERCOOK FOOD SERVICE: appetizers, tapas and starters, main dishes, seafood and endless solutions where flavour and quality are placed at the service of kitchen professionals.

  • product image

    tapas: the bite-sized menu

    A selection of appetizers and starters for bars and restaurants

    See our appetizer and tapas range that will surprise and attract your clients. At IBERCOOK FOOD SERVICE you will find a selection of great products, including tapas classics, such as empanadas, squid or croquettes, and the latest trends with original and innovative options.
    A selection of products suited to your business. Easy to prepare, they work as a tapa or as a unique ingredient to combine with salsas, vegetables or tostas. Dare to offer unique experiences and make your business stand out!

  • products for caterers

    caterers: news

    Varied and balanced menu design aimed at restaurants

    IBERCOOK FOOD SERVICE provides a selection of products especially aimed at restaurant catering: schools, pre-schools, homes, hospitals, communal diners, holiday businesses, etc.
    Catering solutions where the quality of raw materials is the stand-out feature of menus designed to meet the needs of a varied and demanding audience: children, adults, seniors and people with special dietary needs. Some of the most notable additions include a range of fish dishes, breaded fillets, nuggets and more.

  • pre-cooked for catering

    main dishes

    Premium quality ingredients, ready to cook

    Discover the wide range of solutions from IBERCOOK FOOD SERVICE to prepare a menu for bars and restaurants. Proposals aimed at leading the pre-cooked dishes and snacks for the food service industry thanks to products adapted to the needs of our clients, based on the best raw materials and constant quality control.
    A comfortable, safe and profitable solution for restaurants, with global products that can succeed inside and outside our borders. We prepare and improve our recipes with advice from experts to offer quality dishes that can satisfy even the most demanding palates.

  • empanadas for catering

    empanadillas: catering options

    Oven-baked filled pastries with new and surprising flavours.

    Turnovers are one of the most popular appetisers in the hotel and catering industry in Spain, and they are increasingly popular abroad. For this reason, this savoury snack has become more prominent in the IBERCOOK FOOD SERVICE catalogue with added variants, such as mini pastries and new flavours such as tex mex and serrano. It’s defining features are the flaky and crispy pastry and the fillings reminiscent of authentic home-made recipes.

    IBERCOOK FOOD SERVICE’s broad range is made complete with traditional tuna, cod, chicken or beef fillings. The high quality of the ingredients and the traditional cooking method employed are widely accepted among food industry specialists for caterers, hotels and buffets.


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